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  • Master Class

    In Person Group Sessions

    My master class for saxophonist and other woodwinds aims to provide students with a solid foundation in basic techniques while exploring the diverse genres of jazz, blues, funk, Caribbean Brazilian, and Afro music.

    Students will be guided through the fundamentals of tone production, breath control, finger technique, and posture, enabling them to develop a strong, resonant sound. The class will delve into improvisation techniques, exploring melodic ideas, chord progressions, and rhythmic variations inherent to each genre.

    Additionally, private individual classes will be offered to cater to each student’s unique needs and progress, allowing for personalized attention and guidance. By the end of this master class, students will have gained the skills and knowledge required to confidently navigate and excel within these vibrant musical styles.

    Classe de Maître

    Ma classe de maître pour les saxophonistes et autres instruments à vent vise à offrir aux étudiants une base solide dans les techniques de base tout en explorant les divers genres de jazz, de blues, de funk, de musique brésilienne caribéenne et afro. Les étudiants seront guidés dans les fondements de la production de son, du contrôle de la respiration, de la technique des doigts et de la posture, leur permettant de développer un son fort et résonnant.

    La classe abordera les techniques d'improvisation, explorant les idées mélodiques, les progressions d'accords et les variations rythmiques inhérentes à chaque genre. De plus, des cours individuels privés seront proposés pour répondre aux besoins et aux progrès uniques de chaque étudiant, permettant une attention et un accompagnement personnalisés. À la fin de cette classe de maître, les étudiants auront acquis lesences compét et les connaissances nécessaires pour naviguer et exceller avec confiance dans ces styles musicaux vibrants.

  • Private Tutoring

    One On One Lessons

    I. Beginner Stage:

    - Introduction to Saxophone: This class will cover the basic parts of the saxophone, how to assemble and disassemble the instrument, correct posture, and embouchure formation. Students will also learn how to produce their first notes and play simple melodies.

    - Fundamentals of Music Theory: In this class, students will learn the basics of music theory such as reading sheet music, understanding the rhythm, and identifying music notes and different musical symbols. This knowledge will be essential for their overall saxophone development.

    II. Intermediate Stage:

    - Technique and Tone Production: This class will focus on improving the students' technique and tone. production They will learn advanced fingerings, scales, and arpeggios, as well as exercises for breath control, articulation, and dynamics. Developing a beautiful and expressive sound will be a key objective of this class.

    - Jazz Basics: Students who choose this class will dive into the world of jazz music. They will learn about swing rhythms, improvisation techniques, and jazz articulation. They will study famous jazz saxophonists and their styles, as well as explore repertoire from different jazz eras.

    - Blues and Rhythm: This class will introduce students to the blues genre and its influence on saxophone playing. They will learn various blues scales, phrasing techniques, and how to create soulful solos. Students will also explore the relationship between blues and rhythm in saxophone playing.

    III. Advanced Stage:

    - Advanced Music Theory and Harmony: This class will deepen the students' knowledge of music theory, focusing on more complex harmonic concepts. They will learn about chord progressions, chord substitutions, and extended and altered chords. Students will also analyze jazz standards and develop their skills in reharmonization and composition.

    - Improvisation and Advanced Jazz Techniques: In this class, students will refine their improvisation skills by studying advanced jazz concepts. They will learn about chord-scale relationships, melodic development, and stylistic approaches of renowned jazz saxophonists. Students will be encouraged to participate in jam sessions and develop their own improvisational voice.

    - Jazz Ensemble: This class will offer students the opportunity to play in a small jazz ensemble. They will learn how to interact with other musicians, explore ensemble playing techniques, and rehearse jazz arrangements. This class will provide valuable experience in performing jazz repertoire in a group setting.

    IV. Creation Stage:

    - Composition and Arranging: Students who choose this class will explore the art of composition and arranging for the saxophone. They will learn about melody writing, harmony construction, and the process of arranging music for different ensembles. Students will have the chance to develop their own compositions and arrangements.

    - Jazz History and Analysis: This class will delve into the history of jazz, studying its origins, major movements, and influential figures. Students will analyze important jazz recordings, transcribe solos, and explore different jazz styles. Understanding the historical and cultural context of jazz will contribute to their overall development as saxophonists.

    - Performance Techniques: This class will focus on honing the students' performance skills. They will learn about stage presence, effective communication with the audience, and strategies for managing performance anxiety. Students will have the opportunity to perform in recitals and showcase their progress throughout the course.

    By breaking down the study guide into different stages and classes, students can choose the areas they are most interested in and actively participate in their overall saxophone development. Whether their preference lies in jazz, blues, composition, or advancing their technique, this guide offers a comprehensive approach to saxophone learning.

  • About Sulaiman

    Bio Summary

    Jazz Artist. Producer. Composer. Musician and Globetrotter Sulaiman HAKIM, native of Los Angeles, California, has performed in 70 countries around the world. Educated at the University of Massachusetts, this talented Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, is known for his original and unceasing thirst for growth and change in the world music movement but, always respecting and protecting the African-American tradition, his roots.

    Former student of MAX ROACH, at U-Mass at Amherst between 1974-1977, was counseled by Mr. Roach before offering him the opportunity to performed with him, in Chicago in 1976, leading to his first European tour. Sulaiman was only twenty two years old. Having his opportunity to study with this great master who worked with CHARLIE PARKER, DUKE ELLINGTON, and CLIFFORD BROWN, was the beginning of Sulaiman's International career!

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